Lower Back Pain Treatment with the DRX 9000

2021-08-26T14:56:49-07:00February 26th, 2021|Categories: Disc Herniations, Low Back Pain, Spinal Decompression|

Fast and Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment with the DRX 9000 Lower back pain is a common problem among many of our patients. And if you have lower back pain, it can severely limit [...]

Your Telehealth Services at Spine Wellness Center

2020-12-23T23:44:41-08:00December 23rd, 2020|Categories: Chiropractic, Telehealth|

Now You Can Get Your Initial Chiropractic Evaluation From the Comfort of  Your Home 2020 has been a year of big changes. We have all been forced to change our routines, our traditions, how we interact with each [...]

I Can’t Adult Today, These Darn Migraine Headaches

2020-12-15T22:52:55-08:00March 22nd, 2020|Categories: Chiropractic, Headaches/Migraines|

If you're reading this, chances are that you or someone you know suffers from  migraine headaches. Take comfort in knowing that you're not alone!  Migraines affect more than 38 million Americans each year. There are [...]

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