Spinemaster Alignment Evaluation

We Ensure Accurate Results
by Performing A Full Chiropractic Evaluation

We value our patients time spent in our office and use it wisely.   When a person becomes a new patient at Spine Wellness Center, they will have the first appointment via Telehealth.  All time on the Telehealth appointment will be time one on one with the doctor.  A consultation, history, spinal movement and postural assessment will be completed.   Patients are emailed or texted a link to complete before their appointment.  The new patient paperwork collects the information needed from you the patient, so the doctor has a place to start in performing a full chiropractic evaluation of your particular condition.  Our doctor will review the patient intake form, before starting the Telehealth  appointment.  Our chiropractic physicians have over 36 years of combined experience relating to spinal conditions and the resulting painful symptoms you may be suffering from. The doctor will  ask other detailed questions regarding your symptoms and history in order to gain the best information to move forward with. 

Spinemaster Alignment Evaluation

For further evaluation purposes, NUCCA chiropractic offices typically utilize specialty equipment such as The Spinemaster, the Anatometer and/or the Gravitational Stress Analysis (GSA) to gain understanding of a patients spinal condition. 

At Spine Wellness Center, we utilize The Spinemaster.  This particular instrument measures the body for balance, “how you are standing” in a 3 dimensional way.  With this device, we take specific posture measurements while you are in the upright standing position.  If you have had an injury, even a small one like hitting your head on a cabinet or taking a fall to the ground, it can disrupt your center of gravity.  It is not uncommon for the upper body to favor more to the right side or the left side.  We also measure if the hips are level or un-level and whether or not the the body is rotating to the right side or to the left.  The scale measurements are not there to weigh you, they actually measure how much weight is being carried on the right side compared to the left side. 

Many patients find this to be such a mind blowing portion of the appointment, especially with their hips are found to be un-level and one leg is shorter than the other.  Why? Some patients have stated that, “my pants have always needed to be hemmed because my right leg is longer than the left, or vice versa. Using at least one of these 3 instruments is vital for our findings.  At Spine Wellness Center, we utilize the Spinemaster at every one of our adjustment appointments for accurate diagnosis results. 

3 Dimensional Evaluation X-Rays

X-rays are a vital tool that we use in our NUCCA Chiropractic office to evaluate how to care for our patients best.  With the NUCCA Chiropractic technique, we capture specific x-rays that we take, in order to evaluate what is going on within your spine and what is needed to resolved your symptoms and restore you to optimal health.  The specific x-rays we take, allow us to look at your head and neck with 3 dimensional views for a complete evaluation of your spinal condition.

We also measure how well your body moves and doesn’t move.  We also want to have a baseline starting point in order to provide a measured assessment of improvement at a later time.

Full 3 Dimensional Evaluation X-Rays

The NUCCA Chiropractic Procedure

Another important x-ray evaluation provided by Spine Wellness Center NUCCA chiropractic, is post x-rays.  Post x-rays are the hallmark of the NUCCA procedure.  Typically, after the first or second procedure, post x-rays are performed to make sure the head and neck have moved the way we anticipate on the path to full resolution of your conditions.  No, we don’t do x-rays after every adjustment. 

NUCCA is  a demanding technique in chiropractic, we have  specific things that we are required to do with each patient.  The use of the Spinemaster and our specific x-rays helps us to get the results that patients are looking for with long term care.  Even our x-ray equipment has been aligned by the most sought after  expert in our field to a 0 degree variant. Accuracy and attention to detail are imperative to make sure we  have completed our corrections.  

X-Ray Evaluations Before and After

When you are looking for  NUCCA chiropractic physicians or someone who says they do NUCCA, we hope this helps you find the best doctor for you.  

NUCCA doctors have completed many hours of Post-Graduate work and must continue to study and perform the minimum required to be listed on the international website of providers for NUCCA.  Our Spine Wellness Center Practice can be found at www.nucca.org.

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