NUCCA Spine Care – Upper Cervical Chiropractic Promoting Natural Healing

NUCCA Upper Cervical Spine Care - Promoting Self-Healing

NUCCA is a chiropractic method shortened after its full name, National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association that aligns and allows the nerves which exit the spine and discs of the spine to be in the best mechanical position. NUCCA spine care refers to a spinal care procedure that aims to restore your health through the natural alignment and balance. When the spine is out of alignment, it inhibits vital healing processes and homeostasis that affect different body regions. The nervous system, which serves as the pathway to reach to and from different parts of the body, has a crucial role in activating all the body systems to be in their healthy state.

The NUCCA upper cervical spine care procedure is a unique method because it is non-invasive and uses gentle touch to stimulate the nervous system on research of biomechanics of the spinal column. It has been used by selected spinal care centers for over 65 years. Our chiropractic center, the Spine Wellness Center, uses NUCCA’s special method due to how effective it is!

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History of NUCCA

NUCCA is a chiropractic association established in 1996 by Michigan native Dr. Ralph Gregory. The spine is crucial to the improvement of body functions. When there is misalignment, especially on the upper spine, it prevents the body from rebalancing and causes pain. The restoration of the spine to its vertical axis is the key to correcting body imbalance. Hence, NUCCA treatment is an effective method because it aims to understand individual conditions and pains.
Nobel Prize in Physiology winner Roger W. Sperry, Ph.D. discovered the one special function of the brain and how it relates to the top bones in the spine. In his study, he found out that the brain is responsible for the body balance, and that 90% of this brain activity keeps our balance in relation to earth’s gravitational pull. The remaining 10%, which controls other bodily functions, will be mechanically distorted caused by an imbalance in the upper cervical spine. Such misalignment, puts stress, pressure, and tension on our brain stem, interfering with its role to send crucial messages throughout the body.

NUCCA, unlocking the secret in restoring balance in your body

What exactly does NUCCA do?

NUCCA is a unique spine care treatment. It involves procedure that restores the normal alignment of the spine, the head, and the pelvis. When there is balance, there is increased health. The brainstem is responsible for sending crucial messages through the body. If this natural function from the brain is hampered, we experience pain and muscle tension.

With no twisting or popping of the head, neck or back, NUCCA corrects the impedance brought about by various causes, such as injury and accident, chronic pain, and illness. The realignment will allow the body to self-regulate.

If you find yourself experiencing pain or an injury you need to experience how NUCCA care will help you find relief. We will schedule your no-obligation consult right away!

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The Importance of Body Balance

Our body begins to experience pain when there is imbalance. Having the head over our body, held by the neck in an upright position is the optimal balance we should look for in our body. The spinal cord which makes up the nervous system and is housed by the spinal column is the center for controlling the reflexes in the body. But when you encounter certain injuries or accidents, the spine loses its alignment. For example, if you have a neck injury, your body will try to compensate for the injury with an abnormal alignment, just so your neck can hold the head upright. This will cause your spine to twist and lock, resulting in a more painful consequence on other body parts.

The body imbalance may not be physically obvious but it significantly affects bodily functions. The twisting of body structures in your spine will inhibit the normal functions of nerves and muscles that keep you healthy and well. If this is not corrected, body parts affected by the stressors brought by the imbalance will soon cause wear and tear. The millions of electrical impulses that should be carried by the spinal cord to the body cells will not reach the parts of the body as designed, and can affect your normal body functions like digestion, circulation, muscle movement, etc.

If not attended to soon, this pain will soon become chronic and will lead to serious illnesses. Worse, such degeneration will make your body weak, numb, you will lose mobility or your livelihood.

If you are searching for low back pain relief and neck pain treatment, call our clinic. We will make sure our NUCCA chiropractic procedures will bring you back to your normal and active life.

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NUCCA Spine Care Treatment from Spine Wellness Center

NUCCA Spine Care Treatment from Spine Wellness CenterSpine Wellness Center uses effective methods, clear step-by-step treatment protocols, and successful techniques that emphasize the main goal of NUCCA—to correct body imbalance. Using gentle and painless procedures, unique to each individual, Spine Wellness Center has a team of highly skilled specialists who have extensive experience in NUCCA treatment.

NUCCA is a proven effective method in correcting imbalance in your body. And this is done in our clinic as the following:

  • Our NUCCA chiropractic trained doctors will assess your problem and medical condition by getting vital information, such as your medical history, X-rays for viewing the abnormal positioning of your spine, and information that you may feel impacts your health.
  • The doctor will start calculating the preciseness of the misalignment.
    Our specialist will explain the assessment from X-ray results of the spine, head, and brain stem area and of how much care is required for your condition.
  • NUCCA treatment is a painless method so expect no twisting, cracking, or popping of bones.
  • You are required to lie down on your side while a gentle pressure is applied by our NUCCA trained chiropractors. This process realigns your head and bring it back to a balanced state, thus, bringing your body to self-heal and self regulation mode.

Start your natural healing process with NUCCA, proven to be effective, safe, natural, and painless. Experience this state-of-the-art technique and meet our health experts that will assist you to become the best version of you.

If you care enough to protect yourself from further damage, please call our clinic. We will make certain to perform a full evaluation to discover if a NUCCA treatment could bring you back to your normal and active life.

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