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Dr. Sarah Johnson graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in 2001. She decided to study chiropractic after experiencing relief from chronic migraines for 20 years! Spine Wellness Center was established in Las Vegas in 2002. Dr. Johnson is an avid student and studies the best methods and current research while helping people get well. Additionally, in 2019, she completed the intensive 3 year Diplomate program specializing in Cranio Cervical Procedures. This program encompassed over 300 hours of the dysfunction and complications of spinal trauma and misalignment, MRI imaging, neuroradiology and functional neurology. There are only 43 Diplomates of Cranio Cervical Junction Procedures in the world. She also introduced Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression to her patients in 2018 using the best technology available, the DRX 9000. This tested and FDA approved treatment with DRX9000 is now available onsite at Spine Wellness Center and helps people recover from pain of herniated discs in their back and neck. She and Dr. Strickland utilize Class 4 FDA approved Laser therapy to aid in helping patients get better faster, heal injuries and decrease pain.

She has been practicing the upper cervical chiropractic methods including NUCCA and Orthospinology since 2002. She has participated in countless hours of specialized training in NUCCA and Orthospinology. Due to her extensive background, she works with patients with complex conditions such as migraines, neck injuries and spinal instability and neuro-degenerative conditions.

Dr. Johnson continues to be involved with community and charitable activities. Professionally, she is a member of the ICA, NUCCA and Orthospinology organizations. She likes to be physically active and get out and explore our beautiful southwest region. She is driven to learn, admires hard work and loves to become better at her chosen career. Her and her husband are known to be “foodies” and they love to travel and try new wines. They are often found cooking in the kitchen, experimenting with a new recipe or learning an old Caribbean recipe. They have 2 dynamic children and love to see the world through their eyes.

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Dr. Lisa Strickland has loved practicing in the Las Vegas area since 2004 as an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. Dr. Strickland grew up in the Las Vegas area. She pursued chiropractic as a career after experiencing continuous low back pain and tension headaches at a young age. She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2003.

Dr. Strickland also uses the addition of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, using the best technology, the DRX-9000 to treat disc herniation symptoms and back and neck related pain. Over the years, she has helped many people enjoy a pain-free lifestyle, and now with the DRX-9000 and Cold Laser Therapy she is able to help even more people. Dr. Strickland’s passion is understanding the body’s natural ability to self-heal and self-regulate when given the appropriate information. Prior to being a chiropractor, Dr. Strickland was a massage therapist which really helped to understand how the body unravels as it receives much needed bodywork.

Dr. Strickland enjoys spending time with her family which includes her husband and 2 children. She loves to maintain many traditions in her family, a couple of which are Tamale Day and making cookies for the Holidays and visiting the North Pole every year with her family. Dr. Strickland loves watching the excitement of life that she can see with her children. She also enjoys learning healthy cooking and teaching her kids how to make better choices with food. Dr. Strickland and her husband plant a garden every spring at their home, in which the family enjoys the fresh vegetables throughout the summer.

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