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Love Dr Lisa. She not only makes you feel physically better, she also makes you feel better about yourself. Dr Lisa cares deeply for her patients

Susan K Seibert Alexander
Susan K Seibert Alexander

I was recently in a car accident. Did not think I was sore until I could not make my appointment. Looking forward to the next time.

Laura Tomola Olsen

I LOVE me some Dr. Sarah Johnson. I have, unfortunately, been in a few solid vehicle accidents. I was in traditional chiropractic care for 30+ years. I am NOT slamming them. I simply got to a point where the traditional, twisting, snapping, poking simply no(...)

Jeff Mullen

Amazing staff and it really helped with my back pain! Would recommend them with my eyes closed!

Amanda Ferrari

After having hip pain and inflammation for over 25 years and lower back pain after breaking my back 2-1/2 years ago, I was introduced to Dr Sarah. I was a bit skeptical after so many years of being in pain but wanted to try a natural healing approach. After 2x(...)

Lisa Waldeck
Lisa Waldeck

Amazing, breathe of fresh air..... quiet relaxed type of office.... staff is beyond friendly... feels like family already and only on my second visit..... I highly recommend this Office to anyone that wants to help make their body well.... the doctors are(...)

Lori Musgrove Couture
Lori Musgrove Couture

Dr Lisa is the best. I came to her because lost feeling in my right leg she's helped me get the pain to a manageable level so i no longer need pain meds and as a bonus my vertigo migraines and neck issues are far and few between. They used to be a daily occurrence. �

Suzanne Poland Ewing

I have been under the care of Dr Sarah Johnson for over 14 years. At times I thought spine surgery was my only option. But Dr. Sarah put me on a program that has allowed me a life free of pain. At times my back goes out and then Dr. Johnson gets me up again(...)

Jerry Ostgard

Dr. Lisa has helped with my pain...in fact, my episodes of arm numbness have almost disappeared!

Robyn Campbell Ouchida

Dr Lisa is awesome. Professional and informative.
She introduced me to the NUCCA form of chiropractic adjustments and I haven't felt this good in 2.5 years since my car accident. Do yourself a favor and try this out before you make a decision to go under the(...)

Diana C.

I am so thankful for Dr. Lisa Strickland. I had 16 years of continuous pain after breaking two vertebrae (T12 & L1), every minute of every day was pain, I tried everything from regular chiropractors to physical therapy to massage.....Nothing helped! I was(...)

Jessica H.

Dr. Sarah Johnson has been helping me and my friends stay pain-free for years. She just helped my boyfriend with some upper back pain and my 18-year old daughter, who has shoulder & neck pain. Imagine your head is a bowling ball and your spine is a pipe(...)

Hillary S.
Hillary S.

Outstanding customer service, very knowledgeable staff.
Dr. Lisa Strickland has helped me walk straight after a bad incident don't be nervous she knows her stuff
Thanks dr. Strickland

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Moe D.

Both my parents and I have been seeing Dr. Strickland for years, she is so amazing. She adjusts you so gently you don't even noticed she's done anything, you just feel amazing after.

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Carina V.

Yesterday I spent over an hour and a half with Dr. Sarah. Her thoroughness, professionalism, good humor and genuine compassion we’re all on display. Also, I learned that my x-rays accompanied her to a conference in Georgia where she consulted with other top(...)

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Larry Berk

The Doctors and Staff are amazing, warm, and welcoming. The treatments have corrected many injuries of an active life. Again, absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.