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Our results speak for themselves

Dr. Sarah Johnson has been helping me and my friends stay pain-free for years. She just helped my boyfriend with some upper back pain and my 18-year old daughter, who has shoulder & neck pain. Imagine your head is a bowling ball and your spine is a pipe(...)

Hillary S.
Hillary S.

I LOVE me some Dr. Sarah Johnson. I have, unfortunately, been in a few solid vehicle accidents. I was in traditional chiropractic care for 30+ years. I am NOT slamming them. I simply got to a point where the traditional, twisting, snapping, poking simply no(...)

Jeff Mullen

I have been under the care of Dr Sarah Johnson for over 14 years. At times I thought spine surgery was my only option. But Dr. Sarah put me on a program that has allowed me a life free of pain. At times my back goes out and then Dr. Johnson gets me up again(...)

Jerry Ostgard