Are You Worried About Your Neck Pain?

Cervical Neck Decompression May Be Just the Solution You Have Been Looking For…

Many patients hope that the pain will simply go away on its own. It usually doesn’t. Pain is your body’s way of signaling that something is wrong. Neck pain comes in many different forms. Some patients say that the pain came out of nowhere, while others confess that they have been taking painkillers every day for years. A childhood fall, blow to the head, years of poor posture and auto accidents are some of the many factors that cause neck pain.

Patients who have neck pain right after an accident know the cause, while others develop symptoms gradually. At times it is unclear if the cause is due to repetitive motions throughout the day or an old injury that can’t be recalled. For example, sitting at a desk for hours at a computer station with improper ergonomics adds up over time as does our modern day condition called Text Neck Syndrome, the repetitive head and neck posture position of staring at our mobile devices. Stomach sleepers twist their neck for hours night after night. Waking up with a “kink” in your neck doesn’t just happen suddenly overnight.

Cervical Neck Pain Relief

Accurate Evaluation is the Key to an Effective Neck Pain Solution

At Spine Wellness Center we are able to evaluate your neck pain, including tingling, numbness and loss of strength in your arms and hands. Our experience with many patient cases, has shown us that the best way to go about helping our patients with persistent neck pain, is often a multi-faceted therapy approach. We have many treatment modalities available and in place to assist with persistent numbness, tingling or burning in a patient’s limbs as well.

We believe in utilizing the very latest technology to provide each patient with a non-invasive treatment matched to their specific needs. We are able to correctly align your head and neck, which greatly affects the upper body posture for optimum shoulders, neck and head positioning. This Cervical Alignment is critical to the healing of persistent pain in the head, neck, shoulders and upper body extremities.

On your initial evaluation we will meet with you and get a thorough understanding and history of your condition, what has happened to create the problem, and what you have tried so far. Next, we will evaluate your condition specifics such as your range of motion, temperature and strength testing. We will also perform and evaluate diagnostic studies such as MRI, radiographs and x-ray if necessary, in order to understand where the problem is and how we may be able to solve it. Once we have established that there is a misalignment of your posture or a compression of the cervical disc’s or nerve roots in the neck area, we will be able to create and apply a cervical neck decompression solution for your specific condition.

 Our goal is always to restore you to a life free of persistent pain.

X Rays

Non-Surgical – Cervical Neck Decompression

At Spine Wellness Center we specifically use non-surgical Cervical Spinal Decompression to help restore disk space and cushion within the neck area.

 The next thing we will do is correlate your MRI findings into a cervical spinal decompression therapy program specific to the healing of your condition.

We will also integrate our FDA approved cold laser into your therapy for soft tissue healing applied to the affected area in the cervical spine and also upper body extremities such arms and or hands if needed.

Cervical Neck Decompression

Nucca Chiropractic Care

At times we may find that there is actually a spinal misalignment that could be corrected with a procedure called Nucca Chiropractic. Nucca is a specific method of aligning the head and neck to a more neutral and balanced position resulting in a correct alignment of the cervical posture. The result of this is a pain free posture whether you’re sitting at your desk, driving your car, playing with your kids, or ready to have fun, you’re head and neck will be in the best position for whatever you choose to do.

Nucca Adjustment

Set Yourself Free of Upper Cervical Head and Neck Pain For Good

The goal at Spine Wellness Center has always been to return your body to an optimal balanced position, increase circulation, decrease pain, and increase your functional living for whatever you want to do. At our office, we understand body mechanics and how trauma or long-term stress can lead to problems in the neck.

So, if you’re experiencing headaches or a burning tightness in your neck that will not resolve no matter what you have tried, spine wellness center is here to help support you and a new way of life. With all of our state-of-the-art equipment which is safe and precise, we are able to provide predictable results and to help restore your life back to what it should be.

Free of Cervical Neck Pain

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