Trouble Sleeping

Are you kidding me?   Sleep?

As we continue on our daily schedules, trying to keep up with everything that is being thrown at us many times we may find ourselves unsettled at the end of the day.   Our mind is still running, did I finish the document for my boss, did I pack the kids lunch right, did I add the drink in it, did I set my alarm clock?   Do I have enough dog food for the week?   Is this you at night?   Before you know it, you look at the clock and it’s 1:00 am.   What the heck, am i going to hear my alarm clock when it goes off, is it even worth trying to go to sleep now?

Here is the truth, this happens to so many of us because we are on the go constantly!  

Helpful tips to turning your mind down for a good night sleep.

  • Get A Good Nights SleepNo stimulant drinks after 2:00 pm.   The caffeinated beverage if consumed too late in the day will keep us awake and not allow us to properly shut down.
  • Eat dinner and all snacks 2 hours prior to bedtime.   This gives the body digestion time to process the food.   Also, prevent a sugar rush at bedtime.
  • Take a nice warm shower or a soak in the tub to refresh your body before bed time. Also, play some light music with bath time.
  • Diffuse some lavender in the room to help with relaxation.
  • Turn off all electronics at least 60 minutes before bedtime.   The lighting on the electronics stimulates our brain blocking the shutdown for the night.   Even our phones, as much as we think let me check this real quick.   We all know that real quick easily turns into an hour.   The blue light halts the production of the sleep inducing hormone melatonin.
  • When you lie down in your bed, relax your body, keep your legs uncrossed. Think in your mind, relax my feet, relax my legs, let the stress out, relax my low back, relax my neck, relax my arms, relax my fingers. Breathe thru each step of relaxing, release your body to rest.   If a part still feels tight or stressed go back to the area again.

Life is full!   You need quality sleep and rest!   Take time to improve some self-help techniques for ourselves.   Create new routines to make a better tomorrow.   We can all agree, that when we have had a good night sleep it definitely makes for a better day.   Get a good night’s rest to make for a better tomorrow!