Lower Backj Pain Treatment with the DRX9000

Fast and Effective Lower Back Pain Treatment with the DRX 9000

Lower back pain is a common problem among many of our patients. And if you have lower back pain, it can severely limit your mobility which affects your quality of life. Fast and effective lower back pain treatment is possible through our spinal decompression system.  Lower back pain can be caused by several issues including herniated disc, bulging disc, and facet syndrome.

This can lead to symptoms such as sciatica, which is pain that’s radiating from the sciatic nerve, running down one or both of your legs, numbness or tingling on the front or the side of the leg, or just weakness where your leg (s) cannot support your body weight, making you unable to walk normally or even walk at all.

That’s why we always strive to have the best non-surgical, spinal decompression technology to help treat your lower back problems in a fast and effective way so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

One of the latest and most advanced lower back treatment systems is the DRX 9000. It is a very effective way to treat herniated disc, bulging disc, and facet syndrome problems in the lower back area.

This treatment technology is different and more advanced than any other system in the market. We chose it for our practice for several reasons:

1.   The DRX9000 can target a specific disc area

The level of precision on this system is unmatched. For example, if we know that there is a disc herniation at L4 or L5 and it’s causing sciatica, we can target that area specifically. That helps us treat the patient in a fast and effective way.

There is no time wasted.

2.   The system automatically adjusts itself during treatment

The computer program in the DRX 9000 monitors the way the body reacts to the weight that is applied and adjusts 13 times every single second. The system checks for muscle tension or movement and automatically adjusts so that you get the same treatment the entire time.

This means that the treatment is more effective.

3.   The success rate is as high as 88%

Clinical tests by reputable organizations such as Mayo and Harvard have rated this system’s success rate at 88% in treating herniated discs and degenerated disc problems. They tested the treatment on patients and found it to be highly effective with very low chances of recurrence of the problem.

How The DRX 9000 Works

The way that it works is that it creates a negative pressure within that disk space. What happens then is it brings portions of that disc back into itself because it creates a negative pressure or a suction-like pressure back into that disk area.

That suction-like pressure draws the nucleus pulposus (which is the jelly-like material) back into the disc. After a series of such treatments, the disk can be rehabilitated and the patient can enjoy being able to move normally without pain or discomfort.

Get Started on Your Back Pain Treatment Today

If you’re interested in this service and would like to know more about it, here’s how you can get started immediately:

Step 1: Call us on 702-433-8333  or send an email to our clinic to schedule an online appointment.

Step 2: Next, you will have a video consultation with one of our therapists to get your history and if you have done any MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays in the past. We will also do a visual assessment on how well you can move by telling you to stand, walk, or move in all directions.

Step 3: After the online assessment, if you are a candidate for our in-person services, we will schedule your in-person visit to our clinic and you can get started on the treatment.

So, if you have been unsuccessful with injections, standard physical therapy,  or even chiropractic, here is a fantastic option for you to try.
Give us a call at 702-433-8333 or send us an email to get started on your journey back to good health and mobility, free of lower back pain.