Neck Pain Treatment

Neck Pain TreatmentDoes neck pain slow you down? Are you missing out on work due to neck pain? Do you need effective neck pain treatment?  Let me tell you, you do not have to live with neck pain!

Are there times that you hurt so bad, that it just seems easier to stay home in bed? Does it feel like this pain will never go away? What if I said there is a way that you can receive effective neck pain treatment?

Many people suffer from neck pain every day, so many people will write off neck pain to “well it’s all part of getting older.” Or, “it’s just how it is,” or “well I have arthritis I have to live with it.” What if I told you, “you don’t!”

How did I get this neck pain?

You might know exactly how your neck pain started. Neck pain can be caused from a variety of situations.   Accidents and injuries can cause herniated discs and pinched nerves. If a person sits at a desk all day on a computer, the body can become stiff and fatigued. With fatigue of the body, a person will tend to slouch more rolling shoulders more forward, leading to anterior head carriage. As the body gets comfortable in the slouch position it becomes our normal position and becomes challenging to sit up straight. Bad body mechanics, repetitive motions and doing exercises incorrectly are all things that can injure the neck area,creating the neck pain that many people are experiencing every day!

How do the muscles and vertebrae aid in stabilizing the neck?

The top two neck bones in the neck help us look behind us. The lower five neck bones will aid in looking up and down and tilting from side to side. Let us not forget about the work the muscles and tendons do. They are responsible for the movements, and they are also the stabilizers of the neck. If the muscles are not receiving enough blood and oxygen flow, the muscles will tend to be tight and stiff, have a throbbing sensation, or even muscle cramping which will lead to neck pain!

Can NUCCA and Spinal Decompression Care Help My Neck Pain?

With NUCCA chiropractic care, we can help the body to start the alignment process to reduce the neck pain and stiffness. With Drugless Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, we help the disc space and herniations that are in the neck. Keep in mind, it takes more than just one neck pain treatment to correct the problem. It takes time and consistent care to correct the underlying issue and to get the body on the healing path.

Neck Pain Relief through Chiropractic Care

For you, does it feel like your neck pain has been there all your life or should we say “FOREVER?” Fortunately, there are many ways to treat both the symptoms and the underlying causes. NUCCA Chiropractic care and Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression can help these symptoms relating to neck pain and stiffness. Keep in mind, we target the cause of the pain, and this helps your neck get back in place and gets you on track for optimal function as a whole.

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