Now You Can Get Your Initial Chiropractic Evaluation
From the Comfort of  Your Home

2020 has been a year of big changes. We have all been forced to change our routines, our traditions, how we interact with each other. Isolation, social distancing, and avoiding physical touch have become the new normal. This is why we have decided to capture your basic screening details with TELEHEALTH Services.

We care about your safety. That’s why we’ve made sure to wear masks and gloves when we interact with or touch our patients. And we have received a lot of feedback from our patients that they feel safe at our clinic because of these measures.

Telehealth ServicesWe love that and that’s why we have decided to introduce a new way of delivering our services using TELEHEALTH. This means that we are going to be having one-on-one video consultations with our patients.

This is a great way to ensure your safety and to give you access to our services from wherever you are. Instead of having to visit our clinic for initial screening and consultation, you will be able to access our services conveniently from the comfort of your home.

How To Access Our TELEHEALTH Services

Step 1: Schedule an Appointment

The first step will be to call or send an email to our clinic requesting to have a consultation with us. You will then be given a link to a simple digital form that you can complete from your mobile phone or any other device. This will capture your basic screening details and it will help us have an idea of who you are as we prepare for the appointment.

Step 2: One-on-one Telehealth Video Chat

Next, you will have a 15-20 minute video consultation with one of our therapists. This is going to be similar to in-person consultation but just in front of a camera.

We will ask you questions such as how long has this been going on? Has it happened before? What have you done that’s given you some relief? Have had an MRI done before? Really, just trying to understand what the problem is and how it is affecting your life.

And we will be taking notes, just like if you were here in person so that we can refer back to them as we continue with treatment.

Step 3: Spinal Testing

The next thing we will do during the video appointment is an initial chiropractic evaluation and testing of the spine and how it’s moving. To do this, we’re going to guide you through some different movements and we’re going to watch you.

We are going to have you tell us when it hurts or when there’s a pulling sensation, for example, when you make certain movements. We will record that in our notes for our reference later.

Step 4: Chiropractic Postural Assessment

Telehealth Chiropractic ScreeningWe will also carry out a chiropractic postural assessment on the video call, too. We usually would do that using a machine at the clinic but we can do a visual assessment just as well.

To make the assessment, we will have you stand up and we’re going to look and see whether your hips are leveled, or if they are tilted. We look to see whether your body is leaning more one way or the other. We may even have you set your phone down and walk around in the room so that we can see how you move around.

After this digital appointment and assessment, we will decide whether you are a candidate for our in-person services. Then we will go ahead and book your visit to our clinic for further consultation and treatment.

So, there is the simple process that we are going to be following to deliver services to you using our new telehealth platform. We are excited to interact with you on this awesome new platform and we also look forward to seeing you in-person at our clinic. Call us on 702-433-8333 or send us an email to get started on your way to better spine health.