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Real patient reviews from our patients at Spine Wellness Center

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“When I came into the center I was in extreme pain from an auto accident. After one visit my pain was reduced drastically. My treatment has allowed me to continue my very busy life without the use of meds.  The gentleness! No cracking or scary pops has been the most favorite part of my treatment.

I would tell others to start and continue care. It works! Both doctors are absolutely professional and caring!”

- Alannah A.

“The care at Spine Wellness Center has been individualized and has helped my physical and mental health. I feel great. I felt effects after the first adjustment. I could feel my body healing.

I highly recommend NUCCA chiropractic for yourself and your whole family. They are gentle and kind.

I was happily surprised at how gentle the treatments are. I love it and it's been great for my kids.

Give it a try. It's easy, gentle and a great way to get adjusted.  They are wonderful!”

- Keri P.

“I've appreciated KNOWING that the energy is flowing as it should so that even with life's stresses, I'm operating at my peak. I started to feel changes in 2 weeks.  Why do we put up with the 'neck jerking/seeing stars treatments' when painless is so much more effective?!  The personalized treatment and care.  I have so appreciated the personal care and concern that Dr. Sarah has shown both myself and my family.”

- Yvonne B. 

“I have had continual problems with lower back issues-hips would go out. Now it happens less and virtually gone. Also during the time of treatment I was going through chemo therapy and feel the chiropractic treatments helped me with the affects of chemo.  I was surprised how within a day my back felt better. If you've been to a “traditional” chiropractor or never been to one, you will be amazed at the results of seemingly minor movements on the spine and atlas bone. Don't be quick to write it off.  The genuine concern to help me improve has pleased me so much. Give it a try- it will exceed your expectations.  I highly recommend the office  for caring help and knowledgeable, skilled treatment!”

- Kamela B.

“It has cured my recurring headaches.  I started to see relief in 3-4 weeks.

If you are having muscular or skeletal issues, do yourself a favor and try this. If feels like a miracle! It's quick, painless, and the results are life-changing.  This treatment can help if you've been in a car accident or suffer from neck and back pain. It's truly amazing.  Amazing place. No more headaches! Yay!”

- Terry F. 

“ I originally came because of Chiari and this was the only type my neurologist wanted me to do. I had numbness, migraines, pains in shoulders, arms and hips. As long as I keep coming these stay under control and allow me to live my life with much less pain. I really cannot recall how quickly I started feeling better. I have been coming to Dr. Sarah for 9 years. I always tell them how the doctors take x-rays before doing anything and how they use pressure points to help relieve stress instead of forcefully  moving bones.  I appreciate that Dr. Sarah is so personable and you feel like you are with friends and family.  I think it's important to keep up with the treatments, they really can help with pain management.”

- Anna M. 

Whiplash Symptoms For 15 Years

"I had been in an accident in 1991. For 15 years I had gone to the chiropractors but with no success. I still had tingling in my arms and headaches. I heard about NUCCA from a friend that was going to be practicing. I finally decided to try it and it was actually the only thing that worked. I was stronger and my posture was corrected. I had TMJ also and went to an oral surgeon to get a splint. I no longer need that and no more grinding or clenching in my sleep. Also no more clicking in my jaw or my jaw locking up. I moved away and the NUCCA Chiropractor was too far away to go to. I tried the local chiropractor who use biocranial and it helped sustain me some but definitely didn’t give me the results that NUCCA has given me. Patient since 2004."

- Shara M.

Allergies and Numbness in Thigh

"I struggled daily with allergies, continuously high body temperature and occasional upper thigh numbness. After my first visit with Dr. Lisa, my allergies seemed to disappear!! I no longer take the Claritin D (which raised my blood pressure) and I can go through my daily life without sweating like a pig!!

The numbness has not been felt again since the first visit. I am truly grateful and appreciative of the time and effort that Dr. Lisa has put in. The education that I was given on my first visit is immeasurable. I know that I would receive treatment but NEVER thought that the change would be so instant. Thank you!"

- Steven S. 

Debilitating Neck Injury Heals Faster Than Expected

"If I could give this place 10 stars, I would. I came here after a debilitating back injury (and I mean debilitating- I was flat on my back in the hospital for 3 days.) Dr. Sarah Johnson and Dr. Lisa Strickland not only got me walking normally very quickly again, but my range of motion returned within days instead of the months that the doctors had estimated. NUCCA is an Upper Cervical chiropractic method that is gentle and non-invasive. It’s not the normal “snap and crack” you might be picturing in your head. It was easy to make an appointment and be seen within a short matter of time. If you are seriously hurt- you back, neck, etc- they want to see you ASAP. These doctors actually care about you as an individual – lack of money or no insurance should not deter you from coming in. I highly recommend this office to anyone."

- Julie O.

PTSD, Depression, and Healing After a Trauma

"I was post traumatic- depressed- angry- ripped apart- and Dr. Sarah was like an angel mother and healed my body and soul for the past two years.

I needed that TLC, a healing that was unique in its own way. I looked for a long time. I met a lady at your sale that told me about Spine Wellness Center, Dr. Clark at the time. He had retired. I said I really need that kind of treatment. A special touch. She gave me the booklet. I looked at it and it told all about the healing the body needed and how it was out of place. And what Chiropractors do instead of popping, snapping and twisting. Dr. Clark had a special way of doing his healing. Upper Cervical Corrective Health Care. He had changed my life. I said “yes!” I knew this was for me. I was a victim of a crime, a terrible one. I was assaulted. A man hit me on the head with a skillet and pan 7 times. I had 27 staples in my head subdural hematoma and concussion, fractured jaw, one black eye, bite under my left breast, bite on my thumb, my throat where he choked me. I had fought for my life! But when I met Dr. Sarah Johnson she saved me and healed me. I was broken and torn apart but she helped regain my strength and healed my spirit by her touch and healing hands. The Lord said just touch me right there and law hands on the sick and heal them. She has that gift. God bless you Sister Sarah. Love, Jeneith."

- Jeneith D. 

A family of Healing Miracles

"Dr. Sarah Johnson has been helping me and my friends stay pain-free for years. She just helped my boyfriend with some upper back pain and my 18 year old daughter, who has shoulder and neck pain. Imagine your head is a bowling ball and your spine is a pipe cleaner. That’s what we’re balancing folks, so it’s no wonder it kinks up now and then. When I first started with Dr. Sarah, I was standing with 25 pounds more weight on my right side than on my left… all that hip jutting as a teen. I am now usually within 5 pounds and 1 or 2 degrees torque. Dr. Sarah doesn’t pop or crack your back- she uses a gentle movement under the ear to adjust the atlas. Sort of like the tuning pegs of a guitar, the atlas aligns your spine, allowing for the free flow of your nerve endings. The first time I went, I felt a warm, tingly feeling throughout my body.

One friend of mine was going to have spinal fusion surgery 4 years ago. I asked that he give Dr. Sarah a try before agreeing to surgery. He still hasn’t had the operation and is living nearly pain-free. I highly recommend Dr. Sarah!"

- Hillary T. 

I Was Miserable, Now My Pain is Gone and I Stay in Alignment

"I was miserable. My neck and shoulders were always in pain. I’ve been going to different chiropractors for many years for treatment which helped for short periods of time but the pain always came back. My pelvis was twisted which added to the problem because I always seemed to be out of alignment.

Since I had the NUCCA treatment, my pain is gone. My neck and shoulders very seldom speak to me. My body stays in alignment by itself most of the time. I do come in for maintenance adjustments maybe once or twice a year but the reason for that is twofold because I love seeing “my” Dr. Sarah- I need my Dr. Sarah fix. Most of all what I love is that the fear is gone that I used to live with that the pain would be back. Now I am not afraid anymore. Thank you Dr. Sarah. You are one of my heroes!"

- Gaynell A. 

Nighttime Arm Pain, One Last Chance Before Surgery

"I would wake up in the middle of the night crying, my arms felt dead. The doctors had told me that I had to have surgery. 6 pain pills a day. When I came to Spine Wellness Center, it was a last ditch effort. I had told my wife I thought this would be stupid. I was wrong. Most days I am 100%. And when I hurt, within 24 hours of my visit, I am better. Kudos to Dr. Sarah and her great staff. I am a believer!"

- Edward W.

Daily Neck Pain – Gone in a Month

"When I first came to see Dr. Johnson I was in pain daily. I had difficulty moving my neck and the pain was so that I wanted to be in bed most the time. Within a week I was seeing some relief and by two weeks I had considerable relief in my pain. A month later I am pain free and a whole different person. Thank you Dr. Johnson for listening and giving me my life back!"

- Elaine M. 

No More Crooked Head in Pictures

"My biggest problem when I came in was I was CROOKED! Every picture on my driver’s license and massage license, my head was tilted. I started treatment here in January. It is now March. I just had my license picture done again and my head and neck are now straight! Last year I had to have my picture re-taken because I was so out of alignment but this year it is perfectly straight and in alignment for the first time in at LEAST 10 years. Thank you! Oh yeah, I also feel better, happier and my aches and pains have either gone away or substantially decreased."

- Barb S.

"I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Johnson."

- John D.