The LZR7™ ZX2 High Power Class 4 Cold Laser

Spine Wellness Center has invested in the best Medical Grade Class 4 Cold Laser Therapy available for fast pain relief and, to assist your bodies own natural healing process. 

Class 4 cold lasers focus stimulating light upon your soft tissue muscles, nerves and blood vessels just below the skin to promote safe and gentle healing. This light interaction known as, “Photobiomodulation Therapy”, stimulates the metabolic processes at the cellular level bringing about pain relief or possibly even complete elimination of your pain. By applying this specific type of cold laser, we lower inflammation in the injured area to assist the healing process after injuries occur for the quickest possible recovery. You will also see an increase in your range of motion when the inflammation and pain are better regulated.

LZR7 Class 4 Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy Benefits 

Reduction or Elimination of Pain

Resolves Inflammation

Nerve Regeneration and Stimulation

Increased Blood Flow

Reduction of Arthritis Symptoms

Treatment of Neuropathy Symptoms

Patients with inflammation, arthritis, or musculoskeletal pain will realize significant relief with MLS and pulsed class 4 cold laser therapy.

Laser Therapy

Patients often ask, does the treatment hurt? Because of the extensive development and research, this machine is designed to treat conditions without feeling excessive heat. Most patients report they don’t feel anything during the treatment. The technique is called “cold” laser therapy because the low levels of light aren’t enough to heat your body’s tissue. Occasionally, a patient may feel a slight heat at the treatment site, which is normal and indicates your body is responding and inflammation is being addressed.

Many patients also ask how long the treatment lasts.  Each person is different, and it can vary. For best results, laser therapy visits are performed consecutively approximately 2-3 times per week.  Some conditions like arthritis and degenerative spinal problems may require more sessions to promote healing progress depending upon a patient’s condition.

Patient Conditions and Cold Laser Therapy

Spine Wellness Center is committed to providing our patients with the latest technology and best solutions to promote healing. Our doctors believe in natural solutions that bring about pain relief, decreased inflammation and sufficient blood flow to your injuries. Since class 4 lasers are non-invasive and gentle, they are the perfect compliment to our chiropractic care. 

Class 4 Cold Laser FDA approved technology treats pain associated with many conditions:

Disc Degeneration

Knee Conditions


Tennis / Golf Elbow

If you are looking for a drug free, non-surgical treatment with no known side effects and fast healing results of pain and inflammation, our laser therapy may provide a large benefit to you.